Check out the 2018 Beach fashion scene. This year’s bikini and one piece swimsuit designs are blistering hot and ready to go. With new fabrics, styles and designs to meet every woman’s body type, size and shape.

2018 Swimwear Fashions

This womens swimwear review is a no nonsense look at what’s hot and what’s not on in the swimwear industry.

The 2018 swimwear scene from a design and style point of view is very similar to last year’s landscape however we have seen a couple of fabrics that have been simmering in the background for a number of years gain traction on the beachfront.


2018 swimwear Fabrics

Rubber Lookalike

The first fabric is a takeaway from the old high fashion rubber swimsuit yet it is not rubber. The fabric is a blend of nylon and spandex that gives a rubber like appearance and offers four way stretch characteristics but in fact is extremely comfortable, the fabric breaths and most important stays in place. Swimsuits fabricated from this fabric will move with the body stay in place much better than tradional swimwear fabric. This gives this fabric an advantage for sport type bikini and swimsuit designs or for skimpier styles that need to stay in place for example a thong bikini.

A new fabric for 2018, this rubber lookalike is crafted from a blend of nylon and spandex to give a classic appearance popular in the 60’s and 70’s


Black stretch velvet has been incorporated into the women’s swimwear designs. This fabric offers a truly different appearance to a swimsuit. It looks and feels like velvet. This fabric is manufactured from nylon and lyrca, to achieve the velvet appearance the weaving process is somewhat modified. A swimsuit crafted from this fabric looks amazing but will not withstand any chlorination or rough treatment. Best advice on this one is to wear it as a show piece but avoid swimming at all costs and extreme care must be used when caring for the fabric.

Black velvet is a completely different blend of nylon and spandex that give it the beautiful velvet appearance. As much as this fabric looks great, it also needs special care

Denim Look Swimwear

Denim look swimwear fabric is a relatively new concept that has simply exploded in 2018. This particular fabric offers a number of advantages over tradional swimsuit fabrics. Again it is a combination of nylon and lyrca but the weave is heavier in comparison to standard swimwear fabric to achieve the denim appearance. The fabric itself is just as comfortable as any other swimwear fabric and breaths the same yet is considerably tougher. The advantages to this fabric are endless. A sport short denim look bikini can be worn as a swimsuit for swimming, playing beach sports or simply wear with a top as a pair of shorts. Many of these designs even have pockets.

A new blitz for 2018, the denim look bikini is back in fashion with a force. Manufactured from swimwear fabric with a an almost perfect denim appearance

Swimwear Incorporating Lace

Lace is another relatively new concept to hit the beaches and is growing in popularity for 2018. Lace can be used as an accent or for the more risqué can be incorporated to give a swimsuit precision somewhat sheer panels with a slight obscure appearance for example the bikini top to the left. The lace adds another layer of depth to a bikini or one piece swimsuit design and for the most part is simply gorgeous.

Lace is a relatively new fabric to be incorporated into the swimwear industry

Sheer is Here

Sheer is here and here to stay. Similar to the thong bikini entrance late in the 90’s which took some time to catch on and gain acceptance, sheer see thru swimwear is the one area within the swimwear industry that has seen explosive growth in 2018. Just about every swimwear manufacturer has a sheer line. The level of transparency depends on the fabric used and the designer’s intentions. Some styles are only see through when wet and look normal when dry where as some are completely see thru at all times. There are some really stunning one piece swimsuits and bikinis that offer a combination of sheer and solid stripes for a truly magnificent appearance. In any case most of the reputable beach fashion manufactures offer a sheer line and in most cases these swimsuits have crotch lining. Let’s be honest, something has to be left to the imagination.

Sheer swimwear has become extremely popular especially when incorporated in bikini tops.

Swimwear Colors for 2018

Unlike previous years, the neon color coordination’s are losing traction fast. During the first 17 years of the millennium, brilliant colors were the go to for many women looking for an attention grabbing swimsuit. However in 2018, we have seen a sharp decline in their popularity losing ground to more tradional colors white, black, pink and of course prints. It’s almost a tossup when it comes to solids or prints. Many women are looking for something a little different thus the sharp increase in the sheer lines.

The swimwear industry has moved away from the brilliant neon colors and has shifted back to the basics.

Popular Bikini Styles for 2018

As much as we could never cover all of the swimwear designs growing in popularity, we are going to offer a high level overview of what to expect during the 2018 travel season and summer vacation months.

Sport Bikinis

With today’s focus on health and fitness, the sport bikini is in high demand. Women need a dual purpose swimsuit that will not only function as a swimsuit should but also as an active free moving garment for alternative activities for example, volleyball, running or beach yoga. With this said the bikini in question must meet all of these criteria and look great at the same time. Swimwear designers have put a great deal of focus on this industry. Both high and low waist designs are available, some with control panels, underwire support tops, booty and boy short tops and in a wide range of colors and prints. One of the advantages of the sport bikini is that they do in fact make your booty look great. They work on all figure types and offer amazing amount of freedom for the active woman.

Sport Bikinis has taken on a new form and appreciation for their versatility.

Full Coverage Bikinis

As much as there has been a long trend to push the limits of the bikini size “smaller is better” for 2018 we are seeing an increase in full coverage bikinis. Women want both, they want a stylish full coverage bikini for some activities, and skimpier designs for tanning and relaxing. For this reason, women have come to the conclusion that one swimsuit is not enough, a style for each potential activity and mood are necessary taking the idea of beach fashion to a whole new level. It is not uncommon for a woman to have 3, 4 or 5 different styles from skimpy to full coverage and in most cases a one piece to cover all their bases.

Full coverage bikinis offer comfort and confidence for women of all sizes

Thong and G-string Bikinis

Let’s face it when it comes to the beach environment, the thong bikini has become a mainstay of many women. The thong offers limited coverage for tanning, they look great and are now accepted as one of the tradional beach styles. The thong is not going anywhere soon. As much as sales in the past year have only increased marginally, they are so popular that our surveys indicate 60 to 70 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 40 have a thong, g-string or cheeky bikini in their swimwear wardrobe.

The thong bikini has not seen an overabundance of growth in 2018

Sheer Styling Bikini Swimwear

The sheer see through bikini has become the most talked about and controversial bikini for 2018. Much like the thong during its infancy years, these magnificent swimsuits are selling like hotcakes. With so many styles and opacity levels available, women are flaunting to show off their assets in some sort of transparent fashion.

From complexly sheer bikini tops, some with underwire support to striped and lace combinations these luxurious transparent two piece swimsuits are in high demand throughout the fashion industry.

Sheer swimwear enters the 2018 beach fashion scene

Rear Exposing Bikinis

With the race for fitness in full swing we felt the need to add a few words on bikinis that expose some level of the buttocks. These cheeky designs are in high demand ranging from minimal coverage being the thong bikini to the cheeky and scrunch / rouched designs. Just take a look next time you are walking on a beach. Every second bikini will offer some degree of accentuation of the female buttocks.

At this point we need to mention that all of the fabrics, colors and designs mentioned previously can also be incorporated into one of these cheeky styles. Even the vintage bikini series with its high waist styling and considered full coverage now offer cheeky designs and in some cases even partial thong For many women a cheeky stylish bikini is a must have.

Cheeky bikinis are on the rise on the 2018 beach front

Triangle String Bikinis

How many times have you heard a woman say, “I just want a cute bikini” The term cute bikini is offers a wide spectrum of choices depending on the woman’s taste and exposure comfort. For the most part however you will find that the 2018 definition of “cute bikini’ is fulfilled by the string bikini. These long time favorite styles have always been an industry standard and pretty much a must have for every woman. With a wide range of coverage options from teeny tiny to full coverage string options, these bikinis will also be everywhere this year falling under the definition of cute.

The triangle string bikini is the basic style that all bikinis are derived from

One Piece Thong Swimsuits

Again driven by the race for fitness, the one piece thong unlike the thong bikini has seen massive growth over the past two years. Women seem to love the fact that there torso is relatively covered yet the rear exposing thong design offers  modern beach styling and has become high in demand.
The one piece thong or tonga has seen a dramatic increase in popularity

2018 One Piece Swimwear

For the most part the one piece swimsuit continues to gain back its popularity. With provocative styles with high thighs, plunging necklines, new sheer fabrics and support options, these once thought of garments for the older generation have increasingly pushed they way back into the limelight and are hitting beaches in style.

High thigh cuts are in as they elongate the thighs and make for a more physically fit appearance. Plunging necklines in many cases with bust support give a new life for the one piece. In 2018 you are going to see some truly beautiful one piece swimsuits hitting the beaches.

All in all the 2018 beach season is going to be an exciting year with many diverse styles, colors and fabrics hitting the beach scene. Stay tuned as the year progresses with new designs being released.

The one piece swimsuit will be on the beach in droves this season

Get ready for Fun Fast 2018 Beach Fashion Summer

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