The Little Bikini That Shocked The Swimwear Fashion Industry in 2018

Tonga Bikini Crushes the 2018 Swimwear Fashion IndustryThe Tonga Bikini has crippled the swimwear manufacturing industry for 2018. It is an unforeseen fashion trend that nobody saw coming. The reason for this is that the tonga bikini offers slightly more coverage than a thong bikini but less than a cheeky scrunch bikini and women have flocked to get their hands on them.

This sultry bikini was first introduced during the evolution of the thong, however the trend was to lean against the thong bikini as it was a more extreme swimsuit. Now that things have cooled off and the thong is a readily accepted bikini style, women who would not normally have worn a thong are finding a happy medium in the tonga. The tonga offers a truly beautiful cheeky look that can be worn with comfort virtually anywhere without concern. The cheeky appearance of the tonga is considered an acceptable style by almost all vacationers.

Check Out Some More Tonga Bikini Examples Below!

IRD Bubbles Sheer Tonga
IRD Sheer Bubbles Tonga
Sheer Ombre Tonga
 Rosy Tonga String
 24 Karat Gold Sunset Bikini
 Fourth of July Tonga
 Sheer Star Tonga
 Hot Zebra Tonga Bikini
 IRD Bubbles Sheer Tonga
 Cobra Tonga Tie Bikini

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