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Month: March 2018


All About Samantha Hoopes Samantha Hoopes “Soon To Be Super Model“ was born under the sign of Aquarius on February 10th 1991 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. This 5 foot eight inch beauty attended Central Bucks High School and the Barbizon Performing arts academy, studying modeling and acting then graduating from Penn University majoring in business after switching from Kinesiology. From a Social Media point of view she had at the time of this writing was pushing the boundary of 800,000 followers on Instagram. Samantha is the youngest of five sisters Her career took an unexpected explosive turn in 2014 when...

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2018 Beach Swimwear Fashion

2018 Swimwear Fashions This womens swimwear review is a no nonsense look at what’s hot and what’s not on in the swimwear industry. The 2018 swimwear scene from a design and style point of view is very similar to last year’s landscape however we have seen a couple of fabrics that have been simmering in the background for a number of years gain traction on the beachfront.   2018 swimwear Fabrics Rubber Lookalike The first fabric is a takeaway from the old high fashion rubber swimsuit yet it is not rubber. The fabric is a blend of nylon and...

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Womens Volleyball 2016 Rio Olympics Bikini Perfect

Womens Volleyball 2016 Rio Olympics Bikini Perfect Well the 2016 Olympics are on their way in Rio Brazil and the women’s Volleyball is as usual causing quite a stir. Fit women in tiny bikinis seems to always cause a great deal of discussion when it comes to the beach bound sport. Now with all this controversy, we as spectators sometimes miss the point that these women are in incredible physical shape, there flexibility and endurance takes years of training and mastering the sport at the international level takes dedication and countless years of determination and mastered skills. So people...

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Print Banded Thong Bikini

Print Banded Thong Bikini The perfect thong bikini for any and every body type. This beautiful bikini offers a print triangle top that ties everywhere for a perfect fit. The top features adjustable sliding triangles with removable padding and is finished in our comfy lining. The thong bottom features or fold over banded waistline for a perfect fit. The thong bottom features our fold over waistband, thong backside and detailed in our comfy lining.   Get This Bikini NOW!   Banded-Print-Thong-Bikini-3 Banded-Print-Thong-Bikini-2 Banded-Print-Thong-Bikini-1 Banded-Print-Thong-Bikini- Sparkle Teeny G-String Bikini $89.00 Rosy Tonga String $129.00 French Dot Sheer Banded Thong Bikini...

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Jean Short Bikini

Jean Short Bikini – New for 2017 Finally a truly different approach to the bikini that is going to blow you mind. New for 2017, this hot jean short bikini is the perfect solution to all of your swimwear and sport needs while looking super hot. Every woman loves a pair of jean shorts, and why not, they look amazing while giving a little extra coverage for a wider range of activities. Well this hot little number that we found at Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion is exactly what you have been looking for. Get the look of denim...

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