Beautiful, Incredibly hot, & Very Swimsuit Bikini Design Goddess by Johnny Ranger McCoy & 45SURF! Modeling the epic 45SURF Hero’s Journey Mythology shirts, hats, hoodies, and swimsuits! : Property of the 45surf goddesses and Hero’s Journey Mythology outfits.
Taking pictures stills and video @ the very same time by using the 45SURER bracket strategy:
All the very best on your epic hero’s journey from Johnny Ranger McCoy 🙂

On all the dresses is the principal equation of Relocating Proportions Idea–dx4/dt=ic. Sure I have a Ph.D. in physics! 🙂 You can examine extra about my investigation and Hero’s Journey Physics listed here: MDT Evidence#2: Einstein (1912 Male. on Rel.) and Minkowski wrote x4=ict. Ergo dx4/dt=ic–the foundational equation of all time and motion which is on all the shirts and swimsuits. Each and every photon that hits my Nikon D800e’s sensor does it by browsing the fourth growing dimension, which is moving at c relative to the 3 spatial proportions, or dx4/dt=ic!

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