Devere Pictures 2012 Jamaica Summer months Model Tour with product of Variations Trend, Swimwear, Night, Relaxed, and Erotic use..

Particular Many thanks to Versions
Lasana, Kimberly,
Tracy-Ann, Elle,
Sheena, Princess,
Chadwick, Shanoy,
Anna-Kaye, Kemeshia,

Wardrobe Supplied by:
Baku Swimwear Australia (Model: Elle)
Jahquaun Intercontinental Boutique (Model: Sheena & Princess)
Your Trend Closet (Model: Lasana)

Photograph Session executed in Negril Jamaica at Hotel Coco LaPalm Photograph. All history are actual, no green screen or pretend backgrounds.

I do not personal or declare credit history for the songs material. Tracks by the next artist What is actually my name Rihanna, Roll it woman Alison Hinds, Push it Up Sean Paul, No a person like you P square, Do not halt the songs Rihanna, Rebel, Cherine Anderson & Danielle

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