Hottest Bikini Brands and Online Stores for 2018

Hottest Swimwear 2018Once again, The Bikini Police took a scan of who were the Hottest Bikini Brands and online stores for 2018 and we came up with what we think is an amazing list.

Our survey started on Jan 1 2018 and ran through to the end of Feb with almost 10,000 respondents. Here are the results. We took a look at the five most popular bikini brands for 2018.

Here are our results:

Listed from Most popular to the least:

  • 26% – Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion
  • 19% – Swimsuits For All
  • 16% – Forever 21
  • 14% – Doll Swimwear
  • 11% – Venus Swimwear
  • 14% – Others


Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion

First in our survey at 26% Tropical beach Swimwear and Fashion offers a wide range of exclusive women’s swimwear fashions. All of their products are manufactured in the USA. Their products range from full coverage and support to tiny and sheer. From cruise and resort to the backyard pool they have you covered. So there is something here for all age groups from late teens and up. They do not sell children’s swimwear. They received positive results for customer support and current fashions. You can check out Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion at

Swimsuits For All

Second in our survey at 19%, Swimsuits For All is another all around swimsuit company however they tend to focus on larger body sizes and their product offering is more conservative. With this said however, they do have a wide range of swimwear including bikinis, one piece, plus size and cover ups. They do not sell children’s swimwear. They also received plus marks on the customer  service side. You can check out Swimsuits For All at:

Forever 21

Coming in at a solid 3rd with 16% of total respondents was Forever 21. Interestingly they carry more than swimwear but focus on the younger generation which would explain why they did not rate higher as there products are very focused. With this said however, you can see why they did in fact rate as high as they did because they do carry some really cute products. Again customer service was a strength. You can check out Forever 21 at:

Doll Swimwear

A a solid 4th position in our survey, Doll Swimwear has mastered the scrunch bottom bikini. There swimwear is somewhat limited in design offering, but carry a wide range of colors and patterns. With this said, they are worth a look simply because of their progressive styles. No problems with customer service either. You can check out Doll Swimwear at:

Venus Swimwear

Venus coming in at no. 5 with 11% carries more than swimwear, they have their own lingerie, clothing and of course swimwear line. Again this would explain why they did not rank higher simply because they are not focused on swimwear only. You can check out Venus Swimwear at:




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Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion

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